Doru de duca’ Tomescu Valentin or 3DTV

I was bitten by the travel bug at a very young age as I hiked the Carpathian Mountains with a metal framed backpack that weighted almost as I did at that age. Then came a few years when I developed a passion for spelunking and took advantage of the rich karst of the country.

Slowly and not without difficulties because of the communist rulers I started to discover the beauty and riches of other countries. I got a license as a travel guide, both for the National Tourist Office (ONT) and for the Youth Tourism Office (BTT).

When I got a scholarship to Vienna for an International Management Program, guess who charged his colleagues 200 schillings each for a day trip to the Sound of Music Salzburg?

Slowly but surely, I started to taste more and more of the incredible world we’ve been gifted with. I love to explore local specialties, to uncork intriguing wines, meeting interesting people and get inspired along the way.

What better way to measure one’s life than from one adventure to the next?